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About Us


முருகப்பெருமானே நமது தாய்

முருகப்பெருமானே நமது தந்தை

முருகப்பெருமானே நமது குரு

முருகப்பெருமானே நமது கடவுள்

ஞானியர்களின் திருவடி பூஜைதான் உண்மை ஆன்மீகம் என்று உலகறிய செய்யும் வள்ளல், சிவராஜயோகி, முருகப்பெருமானின் கல்கி அவதாரம், தவத்திரு,
ஆறுமுக அரங்கமகா தேசிக சுவாமிகள்

Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Sangam, Said as “Ongarakudil
Founded by our beloved Gurunathar Arangar

Great Saints of India have always been the source of Compassion to her people. They taught the world that recognition of others’ sufferings, compassion towards fellow human beings to save them from such suffering and the resultant acts of charity is the gateway to any spiritual aspirant irrespective of his religion, caste, creed or even his social affiliation.

About Gurunathar

Our Gurunathar

We people of this century have been blessed with our Gurunathar His Holiness Arumuga Aranga Mahaa Desiga Swamigal, Avatar of Lord Muruga with His holy intention of ending Kali-yuga (Period of evil activities) and establishing Ascetics Yuga to save the devotees and virtuous people of the world from the clutches of Kali Yuga. Born in a simple and respectable family in 1936, our Guru worshipped Lord Muruga, Agathiar and other immortal saints to realize the true spirituality and remained celibate. Pursuing Siddha worship and propagating the same among His followers, His penance has been unparalleled.

His Avatar as a normal human is so subtle and fine that it is so difficult for a common man to recognize His godly nature and activities. If only a devotee with the belief of His being a saintly Avatar, surrenders to Him seeking welfare and enlightenment, our Guru’s true nature is learned.

Our Guru has been on just one meal a day for over 40 years of His penance. That too saltless. Many a days He has lived only on fruits. But it is a wonder that He has traveled widely to meet and preach to His devotees and followers the true meaning of meditation, meditating to Siddhas and Saints. There are no rituals practiced in Ongarakudil, Lord Muruga’s Seventh abode. All He did to allow His followers to realize the strength of His penance was the organization’s truthful service to the society. That comprises of drinking water supply to Thuraiyur town continuously for 8 years, feeding the poor for over 200 Million people since 1988 continuing till date, noncommercial spiritual activities yet showcasing to the world a straightforward achievement of service to the community. Such selfless service must be unthinkable even for the governments. But for the strength of Guru’s penance, blessings of Siddhas, Sages, and saints this would not have been possible.

“தானமும் தவமும் தான் செய்வாராகில்
வானவர் நாடு வழி திறந்திடுமே.”

Meaning that if one indulges in almsgiving to the needy and poor and practices penance of worshipping immortal saints, to him or her the Land of Devas or heaven will open out. Services to the humanity as guided by such immortal saints paves the way for the upliftment of one’s social and spiritual life as it is true service to God.

Our Annadhanam Infrastructure

Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Sangam is equipped with channelized and well measured food making system to ensure hygiene and timely delivery. We adopt the best of innovative technologies to achieve this. Our modernised and fully equipped mega kitchen setup enables us to prepare and serve for about thirty thousand people per day. Here quality and manufacturing expertise is achieved with our volunteers blessed by our Gurunathar.

Our Highlights

  To ensure hygiene vegetables are treated with ozonised water. 

  Dishes and plates are washed with proper soap and hot water rinsed using Dish washer. 

  Food grade stain less steal made semi-automated machines and vessels are used for bulk cooking. 

  Our rice boiling division is equipped to boil 300kg of rice in 20 mins. This is achieved with two powerful boiler plant. 

  We are provided with 3 ton cold storage to store vegetables. 

  Our rice and grocery store spaced with a capacity of 300 tons. 

Ongarakudil Stands in Between haves and have-nots, Bridging the gap.

ஆடாதீர் சற்றும் அசையாதீர் வேறொன்றை

நாடாதீர் பொய்உலகை நம்பாதீர் – வாடாதீர்

சன்மார்க்க சங்கத்தைச் சார்வீர் விரைந்து இனி இங்கு

என் மார்க்கமும் ஒன்றாமே.

– திருஅருட்பா ஆறாம் திருமுறை

– சுத்த சிவநிலை – கவி எண் 1523